This is Sempiternal

I was made to feel like total crap the entire weekend and now I’m just exhausted.


Heavy inspiration from the Jaws poster.
People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires.

I always said that I didnt want a 21st birthday party, mainly because all the parties I’ve had for my birthday in the past few years have been lame due to no one that I invited ever showing up. I am kind of tempted to have one this year but do I have one and risk being bummed out when no one actually shows up? Because that would be the most embarassing thing in the whole entire world and mainly because nothing ever goes quite to what I plan so I don’t know if it would even be worth it. I tried to have an 18th party but it ended up being a dinner that barely anyone I invited showed up to and it was so lame and boring and I had to settle for disappointment as usual. So I just dont know if its worth the disappointment and embarassment when no one shows up.

Just not in the best state of mind right now.

Tonight was pretty good and I’m quite fucked up to say the least :P


Behold my new life motto

I feel like absolute shit.